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Looking Fresh Carpet Cleaning

About Looking Fresh

Getting your carpets cleaned from a professional who knows what they’re doing will transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you’ve recently moved in, are on the verge of moving out, or feel the house could do with freshening up, a carpet clean can make all the difference. By understanding the difference between a ‘soft’ wash and a thorough professional carpet clean, you can pick the right carpet cleaning professional to get the best result

A build-up of dirt and tough stains can make even the most luxurious rugs look worn and tired. Before you rush to replace your carpet, you should consider having it cleaned. Naturally, the cost of professional carpet cleaning will nearly always depend on the size of the room, the number of rooms that require cleaning and the condition of the carpet. However, the total carpet cleaning cost will typically be cheaper than replacement and refitting, saving you money and giving your carpet a new lease of life. cost for your carpet clean is, £80 for small – medium sized room (5m x 4m room). Please note: this cost is for a thorough, professional clean, not for a soft carpet wash.

prices don’t always reflect the quality of the work. By you understanding the process of a good, thoroughly carpet clean with the best products and equipment, you will be in a better place to understand whether you’re paying for a soft wash clean or if you’re going to get a professional carpet clean.”

What is a soft wash or quick carpet clean? 

“A ‘quick wash’ is like a steam clean. There’s no prep work and it doesn’t get as good as result,”. “The standard process of carpet cleaning must include thorough preparation work.” What is the process of a thorough carpet cleaning process? This is the process top carpet cleaners like us will follow: 1. Vacuum the carpet to remove dry soil.

  1. Use a chemical pre-spray on the carpet and allow it to soak in and loosen any dried-on soil

 The pre-spray is similar to washing your dishes – if you’ve burned something in your pan you will likely soak it in washing up liquid before actually trying to scrub it off. Once it’s soaked, you can then scrub and the burned food comes off easily. It’s the same for carpet cleaning. 

3.Only then do you steam clean and use the hot water extraction machine. In fact, the above is the cleaning standard set by carpet manufacturers. 

How to find out if a carpet cleaner offers a quick carpet wash A carpet cleaner offering a soft wash will be much cheaper, that’s usually the first sign. Prices don’t always reflect the quality of the work, but knowing the preparation process puts you as a customer in a better place to understand whether you’re paying for a soft wash or for a thorough carpet clean. The best way to find out is by asking the carpet cleaner to explain their cleaning process. If they talk about hoovering and steaming the carpet with no mention of prepping, then you know that’s a soft wash. They should be able to explain all of their prep work to you.

 “I personally don’t mind being seen as expensive by some. Yes, some customers find us slightly above average on cost, but for that very slight difference, we deliver a much better clean with visibly better results.”